Borough Clerk

110 East Westfield Avenue
Roselle Park, NJ 07204

Fax: 908-245-5598

Doreen Cali, R.M.C./C.M.C.,
Borough Clerk

Borough employee since February 14, 2006
Appointed Borough Clerk in 2006
Appointed Chief Administrative Officer June 1, 2006
Assessment Searcher
Public Agency Compliance Officer (P.A.C.O.)
Registered Municipal Clerk, State of New Jersey
Certified Municipal Clerk, International Institute of
Municipal Clerks
Member of International Institute of Municipal Clerks
Member Municipal Clerk's Association of New Jersey
President of the Union County Clerk's Association

Donna Corrigan, Deputy Borough Clerk 

Appointed Deputy Borough Clerk
February 01, 1996
Completed Rutgers Courses:
Intro to the Duties of Municipal Clerk
Information & Records Management
Municipal Finance Administration
Local Elections Administration
Advanced Duties of Municipal Clerk
Notary Public
NJDOP Prevention of
Sexual Harassment

Nancy Caliendo, Clerk/Registrar


Issues the following licenses: Dog, Cat, Liquor, Bingo, Raffles, Peddlers, Trainsient merchant, Itinerant vendor, Taxi/limousine, Cabaret, Pinball, Video, Music box, Pool Table, Gasoline pumps, Gasoline station, Gold & Coin business, Landscaping, Miniature bowling alley, Shuffle Board. Issues parking permits and issues Assessment Search Certificates. Handles complaints of all types, Directs correspondence and inquiries for action to various departments, Registers voters, Maintains receipt of nominating petitions and certification to the county clerk of local candidates nominated by petition. Maintains receipt of election results. Canvasses the votes for and certifies election of candidates for local office at the primary,general and school elections.Records official minutes of the Governing Body. Handles municipal correspondence.Prepares meeting agendas.Advertises ordinances. Handles liaison work between the public and the Governing Body