10/16/2008 - Vehicle Auction October 16, 2008

Borough of Roselle Park
Union County

Public Auction Notice

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Borough of Roselle Park shall expose for sale, in accordance with R.S. 39:10A-1 at public auction on October 16, 2008;

at 10:00 AM at, L & J Auto Body Works, located at 720 Boulevard, Kenilworth, New Jersey 07033., the Borough Clerk of the Borough of Roselle Park, at the direction of the Mayor and Borough Council the following motor vehicles, which came into possession of the Borough of Roselle Park through abandonment or failure of owners to claim same.

Motor vehicles will be offered for sale at auction, pursuant to The Abandoned and Unclaimed Motor Vehicle Law, R.S. 39: 10A-l.

Year                 Make                                     Identification Number                                                 Minimum Bid

2004             Toyota                                     2T1KR32E44C248756                                                 $500.00

1999             Mitsubishi                             4A3AK44Y3XE104045                                                 $500.00

  1. Said sale shall be conducted by the Borough Clerk or by any person so designated by her.
  2. Said property is being sold “as is”.
  3. All prospective purchasers are put on notice to personally inspect the property at 9:00 am on October 16, 2008 at the above location.
  4. At the Time of said sale, the purchaser shall deposit the entire purchase price with the Borough Clerk. If the purchaser fails to take title and possession within ten (10) days of the date of purchase, the governing body of the Borough of Roselle Park may declare the contract of sale to be terminated and may retain all monies paid there under as liquidated damages, and the Borough may resell said property or pursue such other and further legal and equitable remedies as it may have. If the purchaser fails to take title or possession within said ten (10) days, purchaser will be liable for reasonable storage fees.
  5. If the title to this property shall prove to be unmarketable, the liability of the Borough shall be limited to the repayment of the amount of any sums paid by said purchaser to the Borough without any further costs, expense, damage, claim against or liability upon the Borough.
  6. The Borough of Roselle Park reserves the right to reject all bids and shall not be obligated to accept any bids
  7. All prospective purchasers are put on notice that no employee, agent, officer, body or subordinate body has any authority to waive, modify or amend any of the within conditions of sale.

Doreen Cali, Borough Clerk