In December and January contractors

working for the Roselle Park DPW

will be

conducting smoke tests of the sanitary sewer system

throughout the entire Borough.

Smoke testing is a standard means of identifying

sewer defects and rain water cross connections.

The smoke testing process has been used previously

in many other communities.

The purpose of these tests is to find defects and faulty connections

where excess ground and rain water can enter the sanitary sewer system,

negatively effecting the systems economical and safe functioning.

The information gained from smoke testing will help the Borough prepare a

comprehensive plan to reduce rain water Inflow

and ground water Infiltration (I/I) in its sanitary sewer system.

Reducing I/I is an on-going Borough wide effort to:

hold down wastewater treatment costs that are passed on to the user;

to help protect the integrity of the sewer system;

and to maintain compliance with NJDEP requirements.

For more information about testing dates in your neighborhood,

please visit the Borough’s website page www.RosellePark.net

D2L Associates, Inc. of Cedar Grove, NJ

will be performing the smoke testing

and will present photo identification upon request.

I you have any questions you can contact Robert De Block

at 973-417-3097 before or during the testing process.





? Simulated smoke will be injected into the sewer system.

As a result, smoke may be seen coming from manhole covers,

storm drains, roof vents, and building foundations.

? Each smoke test will last approximately 30 minutes.

? Photographs will be taken to document potential leaks.

? Homeowners do not need to be home and inspection crews

will not need to enter your home.

? Residents/Homeowners can still use faucets and bathroom facilities

during smoke testing.

Tips to prevent smoke from entering your home

please complete the following steps prior to the test date in your neighborhood:

? Run water faucets for a few seconds in unused sinks, tubs,

and drains to fill fixture traps.

? If you have defective plumbing (i.e. no trap),

you should consult with a licensed plumber.

If you notice smoke in your home:

? Do NOT become alarmed.

? Open doors and windows to ventilate the premises to clear smoke.

? Please notify our work crews by calling

Robert De Block, Project Manager @ 973-417-3097.

? Simulated smoke will not stain walls or furniture; nor will it leave a residue.

? Consult a licensed plumber in the near future to identify the

smoke access area, as the potential exists for sewer gases

to enter your home in the same manner as the smoke.

Safety/ Health Issues:

? There is NO danger of fire or explosion of sewer gas

with the smoke testing process.

? Roselle Park Police and Fire Departments will be notified

of the smoke testing in advance.

? Important! If there is an individual in your home or business who has

respiratory problems and is immobile please notify

Vincent A. Cahill, CPWM, DPW Superintendent

at 908-245-7676.

? Avoid unnecessary exposure to the simulated smoke.

The smoke is relatively harmless but may irritate air passages.

Smoke irritation is temporary and should disappear

after exposure has ceased.

? A copy of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the

simulated smoke is attached.

For questions - Prior to the scheduled smoke test contact:

Thomas Solfaro, P.E., Borough Engineer at 201-939-8805

Robert De Block, Project Manager, D2L Associates, Inc. at 973-239-0173

Vincent A. Cahill, CPWM, DPW Superintendent at 908-245-7676

For questions - During the scheduled smoke test contact:

Robert De Block, Project Manager D2L Associates, Inc. at 973-417-3097

Thomas Solfaro, P.E., Borough Engineer at 201-939-8805

Vincent A. Cahill, CPWM, DPW Superintendent at 908-245-7676

Thank you for your cooperation!