1/4/2012 - Oil and acrylic landscapes


Happiness is a Worn Pun -
Oil and acrylic landscapes
distorted through a prism of music


Through  February 17, 2012


Known as Xé, Jose Miguelez was a proficient and prolific sketcher at an early age, but circumstances dictated a trajectory in the sciences and not the arts. he pursued a  twenty-year career in IT but after reaching the pinnacle of his profession, he was in a quandary, foundering in a morass of borrowed dreams and fervent desires. It was then he turned to painting. Enveloped in music, industrial bathroom cleansers and his house-keeping chores, the muses tore away at the his ever-crumbling mind. He immersed himself in the canvas wanting of it a pristine baptismal pool in which to wash away all sins; or at the very least, and this is the case, stain it with them.

“It's pretty simple, really. I just paint until I think I’m done. Then, I go home.” 

His website is: www.madspa.com and you can contact him at: xe@madspa.com

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