Roselle Park, New Jersey

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Mayor Joe DeIorio at 908-337-6661

Support our Troops

Participate in “OPERATION DVD”

Mayor announces program to aid men and women

serving in the armed forces

Roselle Park Mayor announced to the residents a program to aid the men and women in serving the armed forces. “Operation DVD” recently came to his attention from the American Veterans and the National Veterans organization. Mayor DeIorio said “Operation DVD is a very simple way to show your support of our troops.”

“Operation DVD” is an appeal to patriotic Americans to donate their new and used DVD’s and music CD’s that will be shipped to our fighting men and women overseas and distributed to service members recuperating in military hospitals in the United States.

“Entertainment is difficult for the troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Accardi, resident of Roselle Park. He continued, “There are no passes to go to town and even softball and baseball games are impossible because of snipers, land mines, bombs and terrorist activities. Troops often find the “down time” boring.”

This is an official program of the AMVETS (American Veterans), the national Veterans’ organization. The nationwide goal is to obtain one million DVD’s for our troops.

“Residents of Roselle Park have been overwhelmingly supportive of the men and women serving our country,” continued Mayor DeIorio. “I feel strongly that Operation DVD will be a success!”

Residents can drop off your DVD’s or CD’s at the following locations - Roselle Park Clerk’s Office, Veteran’s Memorial Library, Casano Center or District 21 Legislative Office, 57 Union Place, Suite 310, Summit, NJ. When donating please include your name and address on a separate piece of paper attached to the donation.

Additionally, Mayor DeIorio noted that there are many residents from Roselle Park who are currently serving in the military. He noted, “It is often difficult to determine the names and contact information of our residents servicing our armed forces” The Mayor encouraged family members and neighbors who may have contact information to forward it to the Borough Clerk’s office at 908-245-6222 email jdeiorio@aol.com.

The Mayor hopes that with this information, a local support group will be formed to provide ongoing support and communication to these brave men and women.