Borough Hall: 908-245-6222

No Knock Registry

Pursuant to Section 4-8.12 of the Code of the Borough of Roselle Park, a non-solicitation list has been established for all residents and property owners who do not wish to authorize persons or entities to solicit or canvass at their residence or property. Such list shall be limited to the addresses where solicitation or canvassing is not authorized and shall be made available by the Borough Clerk to anyone seeking to solicit or canvass in the Borough.

Residents and property owners may register for the non-solicitation list though the online portal below by proving their address.

Street Address to be Registered:

The below information (First Name, Last Name and Email address) will not be provided to the No Knock List. However, under the New Jersey State Open Public Records Act, this information may be requested and considered a public record and may be shared.

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