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Green Team

The Roselle Parks Green Team is established within Section 2-34.2c of the Borough Code as a Subcommittee of the Roselle Park Environmental Commission. The purpose of the Roselle Park Green Team, as codified, shall be to advise and recommend methods for improving municipal operations with environmentally friendly initiatives which are economically and environmentally sound through research and evaluation. The goals and objectives of the Roselle Park Green Team shall be to work collaboratively within its own membership, municipal employees, community leaders, and local stakeholders to submit reports and recommendations to the Environmental Commission for ultimate submission to the governing body, which include:

  1. Initiatives involving the Borough of Roselle Park that keep with the Sustainable Jersey Program.
  2. Plans, programs, and educational opportunities that support the creation of a sustainable community.
  3. Suggested best practices for more environmentally conscious municipal operations.

Committee Members (20)

Paul Baiamonte

Alex Balaban

Mariann Brenner

Donald Chin

Mickey Dunn

Jessica Fahoury

William Fahoury

Scarlette Gaudin

Brittany Kirkland

Michele LoManto

Ellen Margarita

James McCrady

Linda McCrady

Maxine Padulsky

Nora Posadas

Amanda Rasheed

Rupen Shah

Allen Walcoff



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