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What is an Ordinance?

Generally, an Ordinance is any act or regulation of the Governing Body required to be reduced to writing and read at more than one meeting and published. Ordinances do not require legal publication prior to introduction, but do require legal publication, by title (generally), after introduction, and before second reading and public hearing. Ordinances do further require that a notice of adoption be legally published should it be adopted by the Governing Body after the second reading and public hearing.

Ordinances regulate traffic, authorize debt, fix annual salaries or salary ranges for municipal employees, establish zoning, create municipal positions and departments, govern construction of new buildings and regulate business licensing, among other functions.  Once enacted, they usually remain permanently in effect unless and until a rescinding Ordinance is enacted.


2023 Ordinances


This page includes a compilation of all Ordinances pending codification. Codification of Ordinances occurs once a year at the end of each legislative session of the Borough Council. Legislative session run concurrently with the calendar year and, therefore, end on December 31st. Certain Ordinances, depending on their content and type, do not require codification, but are listed on this page nonetheless. Examples of these types of Ordinances include but are not limited to: Bond Ordinances, Capital Ordinances, Salary Ordinances, and ROW Vacation Ordinances. For more information please contact the Borough Clerk's Office by calling 908-245-6222 x78. For the Borough Code, encompassing all codified Ordinances adopted by the Governing Body, please visit:

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