Borough Hall: 908-245-6222

Public Works


Roselle Park Public Works Complex
180 West Webster Avenue, Roselle Park, New Jersey 07204
Phone: 908-245-7676

Paul Baiamonte, Superintendent

Deborah Dicosmo, Clerk

The Roselle Park Department of Public Works, otherwise and more commonly known as the “DPW,” is tasked with providing certain public services to the residents of the Borough of Roselle Park. Such services include: sanitary sewer maintenance, pickup and disposal of bulk items by appointment, snow and ice removal, street sweeping, and maintenance to municipal buildings and grounds.

The Department regularly operates from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. As of 2024 the Department consists of nine (9) employees: one (1) Superintendent, one (1) Clerk, one (1) Mechanic, one (1) Working Foreman, one (1) Equipment Operator, and four (4) Laborers.



Roselle Park's 2024 Collection Calendar (Garbage, Recycling, Bulk & Vegetative Waste)

Union County Recycling Events & Information




Throughout the year, the Borough of Roselle Park offers the pickup and disposal of certain bulky waste items for a small fee to offset the cost of disposal. Please call 908-245-7676 to request an “a la carte” or appliance pickup.

A La Carte Bulk Item Fee Schedule

Furniture Small Dresser $ 15 per item
Large Dresser $30 per item
Couch $30 per item
Sleeper Couch $40 per item
Love Seat/Recliners $15 per item
Large Tables and Desks $20 per item
Small Tables and Desks $10 per item
Kitchen/Dining Chairs $5 per item
Bed Frames and Boards $10 per item
Break Fronts

$40 per item

TV Stands

$10 per item

Fixtures Sinks $10 per item
Vanities $10 per item
Toilets $10 per item
Bath Tubs $40 per item
Ceiling Fans $5 per item
Vacuums $5 per item
Toys $10 per item
Mattresses $20 per item
Box Spring $20 per item
Storm Windows $10 per item
Storm Doors $10 per item
Lawn Furniture $10 per item
Doors $10 per item
Wood Fence $10 per 8 foot section
Plastic Fence $10 per 8 foot section
Windows Single $10 per item
Double $20 per item
Triple $30 per item
Exercise Equipment Treadmills $20 per item
Exercise Bikes

$10 per item

Weight Benches

$10 per item

Wood Products — cut into three (3) foot pieces and placed into a 32 gallon container $10 per 32 gallon container


Appliance Pickup Fee Schedule

Refrigerator $20 per item
Freezer $20 per item
Washer $10 per item
Stove $10 per item
Dishwaster $10 per item
Dryer $10 per item
Air Conditioner $10 per item
Hot Water Heater $10 per item
Furnace $20 per item
Grills $10 per item


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