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Free Transportation for Roselle Park Senior Citizens

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Free Transportation for Roselle Park Senior Citizens

Today, too many older Americans are “aging in place” in communities where travel by car is their only transportation option. This is especially free for those who do not drive and feel uncomfortable asking family or friends for rides or would like to be independent. The Casano community center is pleased to announce free, safe, and convenient transportation for Roselle Park seniors ages 55 and over.

Public transportation is essential to help seniors get around in their communities, and this is increasingly important for the community center. Having access to transportation is critical to staying connected to family and friends and to pursuing day-to-day activities; both those that are essential and those that enhance the quality of life.

The senior bus equipped with a lift will provide Curb-to-curb service to individuals for doctor appointments, borough business, local pharmacy visits, and banking also for shopping, physical activities, concerts, movies, visits to the jersey shore, casinos, malls, borough events, luncheons, meetings, and trips; at no cost to them.

We request that you call the Casano Community Center the day before your appointment at 908-245-0666 to reserve your seat. The service will be provided on a first come first serve basis.

NJ Transit Title VI Non-Discrimination Policy

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